AHRMIO 2024 Webinar Series: HR is Poised to Shape The New Future

Let’s celebrate #InternationalHRday together with AHRMIO and Jack Phillips from the ROI Institute!   AHRMIO is happy to open the 2024 Webinar series with one of the most important figures worldwide in the HR field! Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D., chairman of ROI Institute, Inc., is a world-renowned expert on accountability, measurement, and evaluation. A former […]

2024 AHRMIO Annual Conference

Join us at the AHRMIO Annual Conference 2024, where innovation ignites inspiration and transformation shapes the path to a brighter future in HR practices.

Experience more than just an event; embark on a transformative journey alongside brilliant minds, thought leaders, and passionate HR professionals shaping the future of work.

Let’s create impact together.

AHRMIO Annual Conference pages


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