AHRMIO’s History

AHRMIO was established in 1998 by a group of senior HR executives from the UN System and International Financial Institutions, who aimed to address the challenges faced by international governmental and non-governmental organizations in managing their human resources. These organizations were increasingly investing in staff training and development, but there was a lack of support for those responsible for overseeing the management of personnel. The group also observed that the off-the-shelf training programs offered by some companies were costly and often unsuitable for their organizations’ unique needs

In examining existing professional human resources management associations, they found that most of them focused on the private sector and were primarily driven by an Anglo-Saxon perspective, which was not truly international despite having the word in their names. As a result, AHRMIO was conceived as an international association with a specific focus on people management that would reflect the distinctive features of international not-for-profit organizations in its membership and activities. 

AHRMIO was officially inaugurated in 1999 with around twenty member organizations. Since then, its membership has grown to almost seventy, and the organization is constantly striving to enhance its services and better serve its members. 


AHRMIO association establishment

In 1998, senior HR professionals established AHRMIO to address the unique challenges of human resource management in international governmental and non-governmental organizations


It started with only some twenty organizations.
It now numbers nearly seventy and it always seeks to improve and serve its membership better


First AHRMIO conference


AHRMIO’s first training program

Hosted by the World Health Organisation in Geneva on Developing Change Capabilities for HR Professionals


First academic partner

Wharton Business School hosted the 2007 AHRMIO conference


First AHRMIO conference in Africa

Hosted by the African Development Bank in Tunis


Partnership agreement with EFMD GN

AHRMIO entered into a partnership agreement with EFMD GN to further develop, diversify and enhance its offering to the membership


First virtual annual conference

AHRMIO held its first Online Virtual Conference


Partnership agreement with Kenes Group

AHRMIO entered into a partnership agreement with Kenes Group


25th Anniversary

The society celebrated its 25th anniversary

2024 AHRMIO Annual Conference

Join us at the AHRMIO Annual Conference 2024, where innovation ignites inspiration and transformation shapes the path to a brighter future in HR practices.

Experience more than just an event; embark on a transformative journey alongside brilliant minds, thought leaders, and passionate HR professionals shaping the future of work.

Let’s create impact together.

AHRMIO Annual Conference pages


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