AHRMIO Webinar – Shaping the New Future

20th May 2021 – Happy #InternationalHRday from all of us at AHRMIO!  The theme of IHRD 2021 and the topic of this exciting webinar is “HR Shaping the New Future”.

Thank you to our phenomenal panelists Martha Helena Lopez from the United Nations, Anna A. Tavis, Ph.D from New York University, Robin Lewis from Cigna and Thierry BARIL from Airbus!

Thank you to 450 participants from 67 countries and 150+ employers! Thank you to #AHRMIO Board, Steering Committee, sponsors, members and partners!

The event was moderated by Danijela Milic, HR Policies Officer at the United Nations/ICSC and AHRMIO Board Member.

We hope you enjoy this insightful discussion and reflections and walk away #inspired and moved to #action!


We hope that our fantastic panelists inspired you to see the reasons to recognize #HR right now:

We are working hard to put #peoplefirst during this pandemic and beyond

We are championing #physical and #mentalhealth and #wellbeing

We are enabling remote, flexible and #hybrid working practices

We are encouraging #virtualcollaboration and #engagement

We see You and everyone matters, from front lines to senior leaders #peoplemattermost

We are supporting people and organisations to adapt to a #NewFuture, more democratic and with a higher sense of #belonging and #purpose

One thing is clear, the #postpandemic world has to change and that change is well on its way! This is beyond #change but a true #transformationalmindset

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