Arturo Pagán came into the field of Human Resources by luck… Starting out as a high school teacher, he then worked as a Senior Programme Officer with the Institute of International Education (IIE) on capacity development programmes for USAID-funded initiatives in Africa, Egypt, and Latin America merging his passion for learning with development work.  This experience helped him land a consultancy with human resources at IFAD in Rome, where he contributed to the functions of learning and development, performance management, and revising HR policies and procedures over a period of four years.  Arturo has worked at UNFPA for the last eight years, first as HR Specialist in the area of Performance Management and Career Development, and now as the Chief of the Learning and Career Management Branch.  In addition to learning and CD, Arturo has also worked on organizational development with the Cape Verde and Vietnam One UN countries, the contracting for assessment centres for the Rome-based agencies, at UNFPA, and for the RC System, and continues to work on improving performance management throughout the UN system by providing guidance to agencies and leading the Task Team on Performance Management for the UNCT.

Arturo holds a Certificate in Human Resource Management from Cornell University (eCornell), a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from George Washington University and a Master’s in Education from the University of Rochester.  Arturo is a member of AHRMIO, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).

Having participated in SHRM and ASTD Learning Events and Conferences, Arturo realized that while you learn a great deal from these conferences, there are aspects of work in international organizations that are so unique and different from government/public sector organizations, that they require a forum of their own.  AHRMIO provides the opportunity for cross-fertilization, networking, and an exploration of the latest trends in human resources that we can apply in our unique environment.  Arturo hopes to contribute to AHRMIO by exploring options to expand AHRMIO’s learning and certification programmes for HR professionals at various levels in International Organizations.

2024 AHRMIO Annual Conference

Join us at the AHRMIO Annual Conference 2024, where innovation ignites inspiration and transformation shapes the path to a brighter future in HR practices.

Experience more than just an event; embark on a transformative journey alongside brilliant minds, thought leaders, and passionate HR professionals shaping the future of work.

Let’s create impact together.

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