AHRMIO Virtual Annual Conference 2021

On October 18, 2021, while still challenged with the COVID restrictions in place, various travel bans, and transition from EFMD to KEVROX, the new Service Provider Partner, AHRMIO had a successful launch and delivery of its 2021 Virtual Annual Conference, gathering high level HR Directors, CEOs and Top Managers, from all over the world, to discuss the timely hot topic of “Inclusive, Courageous and Humble Leadership

The theme embraced both conceptual and practical ideas and processes, and was debated with passion by our esteemed expert speakers.

AHRMIO has written a new chapter of the global and complex Human Resources space. The highlighted trends leading to business success were leadership grace, decency, and kindness. The invitation was made for executives and leaders to place human capital at the center, give importance to their well-being and needs especially during times of crisis such as COVID, exchange knowledge, and grow and see them succeed. Making People feel respected and included will lead to greater outcomes of loyalty, optimal performance, and business success.

High level and dynamic plenaries and roundtables, with more than 35 executive expert speakers have highlighted the importance of Inclusiveness in recruitment and in management of the people across generations, and leadership presence. As importantly in our journey of creating the Workplace of Tomorrow, psychological safe work environments where people feel empowered to innovate and unleash their potential was noted as a “must have.”

The conference has generated numerous new ideas for the future of inclusive Leadership and has brought hope for new developments in work relations. As the Persian poet RUMI said, any single drop put together with another and another, etc., will create an ocean. This refreshing drop will join others and will make the difference.

Our esteemed Speakers were stellar and phenomenal. The moderators were fantastic. Artistry, high level Athletes and Olympians sessions brought dynamic and warmth to the conference.

AHRMIO is very proud in having been able to offer such a great variety of experts with valuable and diverse knowledge as its panel members while collectively holding a strong common goal of creating a better World filled with humility, courage, tolerance, generosity, and kindness.


Speakers and Moderators Biography (PDF)

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